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January 2020


Shake it up

Collecting snow globes for over 140 years and a rockin’ jukeboxe collection give you two ways to shake it up this month.

February 2020

“My favourite finds are often

antique pieces with a history.”

                               - Alice Temperley

March 2020

“I spent my first paycheck

on a vintage Mercedes.”

                       - Jennifer Aniston

April 2020

“I still like my antique clothes.”

                              - Barbra Streisand

May 2020

"I'm the oldest antique in town."

                              - Norman Rockwell

June 2020

"I've got a great collection of photography."

                             - Elton John

2019 Early

January 2019


Days gone by

Collectible calendars brought life, and advertising to walls across America.

February 2019


Just hangin' around

Style, and function of ceramic wall pockets.

March 2019


Whitman Books

The TV tie-ins that bind.

April 2019


Take one for a spin 

Kids' picture records

May 2019


Gimme five!

A look back at the Dionne Quintuplets. 

June 2019


Crowning glories

A flowing history of decorative hair combs from Wilma Flintstone to Irene Castle.

2019 Late

July 2019



A look back at the golden age of neon signs. Dive into antique shell collectibles.

August 2019


Saving faces

Collecting, and pricing tintypes, daguerrotypes and ambrotypes. Along with sitting pretty, shelf sitters.

September 2019


Historic chalice finds home

Saved after church tornado 123 years ago, chalice is returned thanks to assistance from antique shop owner.

October 2019


Storing up memories

A stop by the good old country store, and get to know your antiques, from A to L this month.

November 2019

Ideals Magazine…the perfect ‘season’ing
Check out what’s on tap and catch up on seasonal magazines.

Ideals Magazine…

the perfect ‘season’ing

Check out what’s on tap this month and catch up on seasonal magazines from the past. Plus a few sweet stories about candy.

December 2019


Lovin' Lladro

Read about porcelain perfection for the holidays, and half an alphabet (M to Z) of collecting advice from a pro.

2018 Early

January 2018


Flexible Fabric Dolls

The history of dolls. Find out about the mysteries and delights that fill the Pine County Museum.

February 2018


Willie's Guitars

Notes from the owner of Willie's American Guitars. Then stick your neck out a few pages to read about giraffe figurines.

March 2018


Mid-century 'CliffsNotes'

After flipping through copies of Classics Illustrated, flip over to the life of an antique framer.

April 2018


Ceramic Baby Boom

Children as figurines were popular from the '40s to '60s.  Inspiration from a home tour, page 10.

May 2018


Zippo… a real Hot Collectible

Minnesota man's 20 year quest for iconic flcking lighters. Visit the puppet master behind Hazelle's Marionettes.

June 2018


Curtain Going Up

Collecting Broadway show posters… both hits and bombs.

2018 Late

July 2018


Cast Iron Treasures

Toys were earned by selling magazine subscriptions. Have you heard of Nemadji pottery?

August 2018


Step Right Up

Carnival glass was found on Midways throughout the U.S. Plus, a real Iron Man, started his own antique iron museum in Morris.

September 2018


Precision, Function

and lots of 'Shiny Bits'

Collectors weigh in on the world of scales.

October 2018


Rescued Sacred Treasures

Priest on a mission to save unique, cherished Catholic pieces. What do you collect? 

November 2018


Branded Bottles
Bottles and advertising of George Benz. Giving thanks for Betty.

December 2018


It's beginning to look a lot like…


Plus, tough trucks with a strong Midwest history.

2017 Early

January 2017


From Grandma's closet

to vintage threads

Minneapolis woman ditches the corporate world for Vintage Treasures. High-fashion, living dolls for adult collectors.

February 2017


For the Love of the (Old) Game

Try a round of hickory golf with old wood-shafted clubs. A nervous man interviews the stars, and lives to tell the tale.

March 2017


Neighborhood Presence

for 100 Years

Church gives stability for generations. The crossing paths of ceramics designers.

April 2017


Brimming with Antiques

Coffee roaster uses local antiques to create distinct looks for each of his four locations. Let's all be Americans with the music of World War I.

May 2017


Bursting with Buttons

Collecting buttons, where to start? Pick a theme or pick a material. Then take a 3-D look at vintage cards. 

June 2017


A Galaxy of Star Wars Relics

A long time ago, Robert Johnson started his Star Wars collection. Keep going for a bounty of beautiful bride's baskets.

2017 Late

July 2017


The Name Says it All

Lu-Ray Pastels added pizzazz to everyday life in the Great Depression. Ornamental bronze can add some interest to today. 

August 2017


Searching for Cass Gilbert

Architect of the Minnesota State Capitol building, designed inside and out. Read about how modern ceramics came about when imports stopped for WWII. 

September 2017


Vintage Snowmobiles Show

Take a look at vintage snow machines in Downsville, Wisconsin. Check out what made television board games so appealing.

October 2017


Jonny Quest,

Eternal Boy Adventurer

The continuing appeal of a 1960s nighttime cartoon series. Followed by Art appraising and MAD magazine.

November 2017


Royally Whimsical Enchantment
Tiny porcelains and the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair are in these pages.

December 2017


Goodbye, Christmas

The Sale of the Century

After 54 years of Christmas shows, the doors are closed, but you can still carol along with collectible Christmas albums in the back pages. 

2016 Early

January 2016


Mooseum Collection sets Record

Are 16,000 cows too many? Not for one collector. Sensational sewing collectibles finish up this issue.

February 2016


Playing Dress-Up for Keeps

Explore history through millinery and costumes. Stop in the Pacific to collect Hawaiiana. 

March 2016


Striking Vintage Gold

Unexpected riches from an old poster. Then travel around the world through ceramics.

April 2016


Hymie's Vintage Records

Vinyl records, LPs, 45s, EPs, test pressings, bootlegs, picture discs, promos and even a few 8-track tapes. Then take a look at the faces of radio. 

May 2016


Pop goes the Culture

Mid-century design really started to pop in the 1950s. Later, living in a gingerbread house.

June 2016


Embracing Minnesota's Fine Art

From a fine art collection connected by electrical tape to vintage Father's Day cards.

2016 Late

July 2016


A Worldwide Attraction

Stop by Mille Lacs Indian Museum & Trading Post in Onamia. Stay and be facinated by a variety of salt and pepper nodders.

August 2016


The Age of Antiquarianism

Rare booksellers and collectors get together. Thimbles, Depression glass, washing machines, welcome to the collecting club.

September 2016


An Afternoon's Worth

of Entertainment

Appraiser for hire, travels the antiques road, and odd celebrity albums might entertain.

October 2016


The Collecting Spirit

Find haunting Halloween collectibles like jack-o-lanterns, black cats and witches, before discovering history in some bottles.  

November 2016


History at the Volestead House
Imbibing history at the home of the man who sponsored the prohibition act. 

December 2016


Birth of the Christmas Seal

Crusade against tuberculosis, one penny at a time. Turn the pages for collectible Christmas tree pins.

2015 Early

January 2015


Tall Tales of the Foshay Tower

Learn about the colorful life of Wilbur Foshay, the tower that bears his name, and follow that up with some collectible cat figurines.

February 2015


Give Me Liberty

Keep up with pop culture of the 1930s by collecting Liberty magazine. Make a mark with collectible stamps in the back pages of this issue.

March 2015


Generations of Jewelry

Find out what a family of collectors does with old jewelry. The saints go marching in with collectible religious figurines.

April 2015


Craftsmanship & Patience

Stories from a life of antique wood restoration. Check out some cute egg cups in a variety of themes.

May 2015


Bob Dylan's Hibbing

Locals organize Dylan Days every May. If that's not enough, it's party time with retro record albums in the second section.

June 2015


The Handcraft Guild

Pottery, metal and leatherwork all came out of 89 S 10th Street in downtown Minneapolis. Rumors that the Hamel Lions Flea market was closing were greatly exaggerated.

2015 Late

July 2015


Hanley Falls' Claim to Fame

Minnesota Machinery Museum and a town's agricultural history. Off to see the World, a collectible minded visit to the 1939-40 New York World's fair.

August 2015


Route 66

Remembering the mother road with postcards, guidebooks, and matchbook covers. Collecting early classic cars with Ronald Iske.

September 2015


Touring Halls of Ivy
Architectural history of the University of Minnesota, and souvenir Iroquois beadwork from Niagra Falls.

October 2015


Oh, You Beautiful Dolls

Dollmaker extraordinaire, Madame Beatrice Alexander. Check out the choices of Mid-Century lamps.

November 2015


Clocks Tell Brothers' Story
Have you heard of the clock making Billy Brothers? All out for freedom, the memories and mementos from World War II.

December 2015


A Gift of Augsburg

Christmas Annuals

An annual tradition, a cup of Christmas cheer, and the rise of modern art from Cezanne to Van Gogh.

2014 Early

January 2014


Orphan returns to tell his story

From what was the third largest orphange in the U.S. Come follow the band with collectible music figurines.

February 2014


Stars on Ice

Collectible ice skating dolls, and Louis Sullivan's Minnesota jewel box bank. 

March 2014


Doll Doctors Unite

Workers in the Minnesota Doll Doctors Association share their stories. You may also enjoy reading about the Dacotah building on Cathedral Hill.

April 2014


Estate sale supports causes

The women's club of Minneapolis raises money. If that isn't enough for you, how about getting starstruck collecting movie star ads?

May 2014


Bitten, by Sharks and Trilobites
Monticello, Minn., native has passion for collecting fossils. A zoo full of ceramic animal figurines waits inside. 

June 2014


Statues Take Collectors

on Grand Tour

Vicarious 19th-century travel and the souvenirs that came back from European trips.

2014 Late

July 2014


Good Evening!

Welcome to the Sleeper House

Privately-owned museum of Gilded Age treasures.

August 2014


Fort Snelling: Preserving Minnesota's military history

Walking tours guided by a local architect, and it has been 75 years of the Wizard of Oz.

September 2014


Vintage Toy Celebs

Twister, Tonka Trucks, and other famous toys. Collectible cased glass in a variety of colors, and prices.

October 2014


A Slice of the toaster scene

Pop in to learn about the facinating life of a toaster collector, stay for cards and collectibles of the baby boom.

November 2014



complimentary ephemeral joys
Athea Willette's collection of old neighborhood maps, and a story about Joff Summerfield on his retro two-wheeler.

December 2014


A Family History in 3D

A world of ornaments, including blown-glass mushrooms from Germany, Nativity scene gourd from Mexico, and hand-crocheted pandas from China.

2013 Early

January 2013


The Java Jive

Collectible Coffee & Tea Sets

February 2013


From Mimi-Toria's with Love

Vintage and new, made into necklaces. Fantastic plastic radios also in this issue.

March 2013


Old car addiction

Dick Pellow's two-story garage stuffed with antique cars. Memories of an old plumber in the back pages.

April 2013


One homeowner's story

The history of a South Minneapolis Victorian house (Painted Lady), built in 1886, and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

May 2013


Off the cuff

Cufflink collector, and wearer, shows off his collection. Plus, collecting broadway musical cast albums.

June 2013


Betsy-Tacy & Tib

Read about the Betsy-Tacy Convention that was held in Mankato, Minn., in 2012.

2013 Late

July 2013


Boy Scouting & Girl Scouting

A century of memories, and memorabilia, around the campfire.

August 2013


My Comic Mom

Robin McHattie inherited a suitcase full of comics when her mother, Vee Quintal Pearson, passed away. Turns out the comics were illustrated by her mother during the 1940s!

September 2013


Riding the rails of

Minnesota History

Featuring a look at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, for all of you rail buffs.

October 2013


Sitting Pretty

Have a fabulous time dressing in these vintage clothes, while you binge shows set in the past, like Mad Men or Perry Mason.

November 2013


Remembering JFK
Political memorabilia in all shapes and sizes, from buttons to hats and ties, in a collection put together 50 years after Kennedy's assassination.

December 2013



Remembering the huge displays and Christmas shopping before malls and online shopping.