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Xcentric Goods

Minneapolis, MN


Snuggled on the corner of West 33rd Street and Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis, you’ll find Xcentric Goods.  This charming antique/vintage shop now located in the historic White Castle # 8 Building was the result of a series of “happy accidents”.


It started in mid-2015 when David Omer, who lives in the area, noticed a “For Rent” sign on a building located on West 34th Street just off Lyndale Avenue and just around the corner from Twin Town Guitars.  Next, Omer contacted Blaine Bolden, a friend who had been a fellow dealer at another antiques shop in the area with an idea.  Bolden liked the space and so, fired up with the idea for a business, the two retired to a nearby coffee shop to brainstorm a name for the shop.

The brainstorming led to the next “happy accident”.  When neither Omer nor Bolden could remember how to spell “eccentric” they settled on “Xcentric Goods”.  The “Xcentric” spelling was fortuitous, because as the business took shape it allowed them to design a memorable logo.  

The “accidents” continued when, several months later, Bolden ran into a longtime customer, Clark Miller, at an antique show.  Clark had been a part-time dealer for several years but was recently retired.  After some discussion he came into Xcentric Goods as a dealer, but was so enthusiastic about the business that Omer and Bolden invited him to become a third partner.

The next “accident” happened eighteen months later.  After a year and a half in business they were about to lose their lease because their landlord needed the space to expand.  And then, a block away, a city landmark became available.  The White Castle building, which had housed an accordion repair and wedding jewelry business, had just been sold, and the new owner was eager to find a tenant.  Xcentric Goods was the perfect fit for the building, which, incidentally, is listed on the National Register of Historic Properties.

All three owners like to say that Xcentric Goods has foiled their efforts to retire.  Omer had a long career as an interior designer; Miller worked as a banker; Bolden had been with the State Department in Moscow.  Bolden jokes, “I’ve tried to retire twice.”

The three owners share an interest in “eccentric goods” and their collecting interests and areas of expertise are diverse.  Omer focuses on decorative art and silver, Miller on 20th-century ceramics and other kinds of decorative art, and Bolden on East European art and European porcelain. In addition to a large collection of original art, the shop also showcases unusual lighting and 20th-century jewelry.  Bolden calls their inventory “the items that make you pause.” Omer says, “We like to have items that are interesting in an odd way.”

Collectors are always welcome at Xcentric Goods.  But the shop, located close to the hip neighborhoods of Uptown, also appeals to those apartment dwellers and new homeowners who are tired of buying cookie-cutter furniture and decor at big box stores.  Xcentric Goods, which combines the old and the new, the high and the low, the decorative and the practical, is for anyone who wants a useful piece of furniture or an unusual accent item.  While prices range from affordable to splurge, customers don’t have to spend much to take home a piece they can use or an object they can enjoy. Miller says, “Even if you don’t collect, you can buy something because it’s useful, interesting, or fun.”

Xcentric Goods has a website which spotlights special items and showcases new ones, but the owners don’t sell online. They want to meet their customers in person. They want to let customers see the pieces and handle them. They want to give their customers the old-fashioned experience of interacting with interesting items and interesting people.

You can visit their website or Facebook page for more information. But be sure to stop by.  All of them will be glad to see you and you’ll be glad you stopped.


Xcentric Goods

3255 Lyndale Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55408




~ Hours ~

Thursday through Saturday:  11am to 5pm

Sunday:  Noon to 4pm

And By Appointment.