Second Street Antiques - Hastings, MN





In 2007 a young and much in love duo, Lisa and Paul Nieland plunged into business when they purchased Second Street Antiques in Historic Downtown Hastings.  Lisa had a degree in Art History and had cultivated a serious interest in Fine Arts.  Paul, on the other hand, came from a math/science/engineering background. But at the tender age of five he had removed and brought home an old sign from a chain-link fence because he liked the look of it.

From the beginning the stars were crossed for Lisa and Paul.  The economic downturn of 2008 made that first couple of years especially difficult.  But it also taught them the virtue of cultivating new customers – especially (but not only) younger customers.

Then in 2009 Lisa passed away unexpectedly, leaving Paul to manage the business alone.  But he quickly found he wasn’t alone.  The 34 plus dealers at Second Street Antiques rose to the occasion and the shop continued to grow and thrive.

You’ll find a wide scope of interests among the Second Street Antiques dealers, a group that comes from many varied walks in life.  There is hardly an item brought in that one of them can't at least identify and all are willing to help with research. Often you'll hear, "Oooh – better show that to . . . ".  And best of all, the wide-ranging interests manifest themselves in an even wider variety of merchandise on the sales floor.

Paul notes that people naturally go where they feel welcome. The camaraderie shown among the Second Street Antiques dealers is apparent to their customers and it’s contagious. It cultivates a feeling of welcome that doesn't happen everywhere. When you arrive in the shop you’ll be greeted with a smile and an offer to help. It is so simple, Paul says, but so often overlooked as a courtesy and it has given Second Street Antiques a reputation as a place to hang out and have fun.

Historic Downtown Hastings is the perfect destination for an Antiques Road Trip.  There are now seven shops to visit. And there is some “seriously good food” up and down the Historic Main Street and along the Riverfront.  Plus, if you’re a history buff, there’s a lot of that to be had too.


Hastings is a great place to explore, and Second Street Antiques is the place to start!

And in case you’re wondering, Paul still has that sign he acquired when he was five.



Second Street Antiques

204 E 2nd Street ~ Historic Downtown

Hastings, Minnesota  55033


(651) 480-0513



10am to 5pm