Haupt Antiek - Apple Valley, MN



Deb Haupt has been interested in old things as long as she can remember.  She says that an early memory of going to her grandparent's home and being invited to visit the attic was one of the highlights of her youth.


Transferring that passion for old treasures into a business has been an incredible journey.


Deb started out buying things for her home and then decided to pay for her swiftly developing habit by selling some of the extra things at an antique sale from her garage.  Haupt Antiek was born and it blossomed into a wonderful way to meet people who shared the same passion.


For the first six or seven years her sales were held three times a year in their garage – in the rain, sunshine, snow, wind – all kinds of weather!  Next she and her husband Greg decided to expand the business to a permanent location.  (Mainly because Greg wanted to reclaim the garage for cars.  But it hasn’t happened yet – nine years later and the cars are still on the driveway – the garage is an “inventory staging area”).



In April, 2003 they rented a house in Rosemount, Minnesota that had been built in 1900.  It was perfect – with all the charm and character of an older home.  In November, 2003 they expanded Haupt Antiek by renting the building behind the house and began “The Carriage House”.  They had a great six years in Rosemount – but then it was time to re-evaluate and they decided to invest in their own building.  It took three weeks, but with lots of help from many talented people they were able to move and open Haupt Antiek at its new location at 7570 W. 145th St. in Apple Valley, MN.


That was four years ago and every market has confirmed that their decision to move was the right decision.  As Deb says, “We have carved out character, warmth, and a wonderful atmosphere – and best of all – no steps!”


Through the years Deb and Greg have surrounded themselves at Haupt Antiek with many talented and creative vendors who have essentially created their own businesses within the shop.  Each of them has showcased their buying and designing talents to offer inspirational home décor ideas for their growing following of regular and new customers.


Every month Haupt Antiek features a different theme and they bring their European flea market finds, primitive furniture, cottage style, and American antiques, home décor and more to the market.


Throughout this journey Deb and Greg have discovered that they both love to travel.  As a result of their journeys they have found many fun treasures at flea markets all across Europe.  They have gone on buying trips the last thirteen years and have filled their suitcases, boxes, and seven huge containers packed full with their finds.  They bought pine benches, sleds, skis, goat carts, iron gates, wall racks, old clocks, a few pieces of beautiful refinished and hand-painted furniture, and lots of unique enamelware!  Deb says that the most fun is exploring the small quaint flea markets in amazing settings.  They hope to return yearly for more shopping and adventures.


And that hope has led to the newest addition to the Haupt Antiek ensemble – their Haupt Antiek European Flea Market Tours.  To date they have taken people to Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague and many other small, quaint places in between.  They and their fellow travelers/shoppers/treasure hunters have met many wonderful people, the shopping has been fantastic, and they look forward to many more trips. Check out the trip pages on their web site for up-to-date information on their upcoming tour.


Haupt Antiek is open only four days a month.

Their schedule can be found on their website, or stop in at the next market

and pick up a complete schedule to hang on your fridge.


Haupt Antiek Market

7570 147th Street West

Apple Valley, MN 55124


(5 miles south of the Mall of America on Cedar Avenue to 147th Street,

then 1 block west – on the left, across from Famous Dave’s).


The May Market details are:


The Garden Gate

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

May 15, 16, 17, and 18


Thursday: 9am – 8pm

Friday: 9am – 7pm

Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: 11am – 4pm


PHONE: (651) 329-3871

EMAIL:  Deb@HauptAntiek.com

WEBSITE: www.HauptAntiek.com

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/HauptAntiekMarket