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Treasure Chest Antiques

Jordan, MN



What happens when a couple who have become dyed-in-the-wool collectors and incorrigible pack rats wake up one morning with no place left to store anything new?


Right! They decide to get into the antiques business.


And that’s exactly what Rose Patchen and Dennis Vogt did.  First, in the early 90’s they rented booths in several antiques shops and also started selling at flea markets.  In those days, because they concentrated on furniture, they dreamed of having their own shop – mostly so they wouldn’t have to move the heavy furniture pieces.


Then in 1996 they rented the basement of a building in Shakopee, MN, and Treasure Chest Antiques was born.  But because they both worked full time they could only be open Saturdays.  That lasted three years until they purchased the old Hebeisen Hardware building in historic downtown Carver, MN.  The building had been built in 1868 and had the original wood floors, a lot of character, and Rose notes, “… a couple of friendly spirits”.  Dennis took early retirement, and on January 2, 2000 Treasure Chest Antiques opened full-time, 7 days-a-week, 10 to 5pm.


Rose and Dennis ran Treasure Chest Antiques successfully from that building for ten years, but during that time, because of the slowing economy after 9/11, they were forced to sell the building and become renters.  And then in 2010, when their rental lease was up, the landlord told them he had “other plans” for the building.


Once again Lady Luck was with them and the Langer Meat Market building, another wonderful old building with wood floors and a lot of character (minus the friendly spirits and about 2,000 square feet smaller) came available in historic downtown Jordan, MN.  Because of the reduced space they were forced to downsize drastically, especially Dennis’s workshop space, and they had to put a lot of inventory into storage units.  But the building is bright and cozy, there are other Antiques Shops nearby which increases their traffic and they love it in Jordan.


Rose notes that, “We try to make Treasure Chest Antiques a fun and affordable place to visit and shop.  We keep a variety of merchandise in stock and bring in new merchandise almost daily”.  Dennis continues his passion of working on old tube-type radios and Treasure Chest Antiques is one of only a few places left where antique radio enthusiasts can buy tubes.  Their close friend, Lenny, who has worked out of their shop since they were located in Carver still comes in to repair and build stringed musical instruments.  Dennis and Lenny still team up and use their wood working and restoration talents together and Dennis has also started doing some minor clock repair.


Founded in 1854, historic Jordan Minnesota boasts four additional antiques shops, plus specialty boutiques, a coffee shop, dining, a candy factory and the well-known 123 year-old Pekarna Meat Market.  The town is located just off Highway 169, Exit 21 (Highway 21) 30 miles south of the Twin Cities.  Plan a day trip to see the Falls on Sand Creek, a local favorite that has attracted visitors since the mid-1800’s.


Rose and Dennis invite you to come to visit Treasure Chest Antiques and stay to experience their lovely, historic Jordan, Minnesota.  You’ll not be disappointed!



Treasure Chest Antiques

115 1st Street East

Jordan, MN 55352




~ Open 7 Days-A-Week ~


Monday – Thursday: 10:30 am to 1 pm

Friday – Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm