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Antiques & Collectibles on Broadway

Little Falls, MN


Herman and Lois Johannes are natives of the Little Falls area.  Both were born and grew up within 15 miles of this quaint central Minnesota Town that literally seethes history.  Little Falls, which is located at just about the geographic center of Minnesota calls itself the place “…where the Mississippi Pauses…”  It is the boyhood home of famous American aviator, Charles A. Lindbergh, as well as home to numerous other sites of interest.


Herman and Lois aren’t strangers to hard work.  Herman got his first job at age 10 – delivering groceries with his little red wagon for the local grocery store.  And four days after she graduated high school Lois went to work at the Morrison County Government Center (for 50-cents an hour with no benefits).  Over the next forty plus years, as they raised a daughter and son, they developed an interest and affection for Antiques and other old things as well as the history surrounding their town.


When they retired in 1995 they discovered that they needed something to keep them busy and Antiques and Collectibles on Broadway was born.  The shop sits on the northwest corner of the main intersection of historic downtown Little Falls (1st Street and Broadway Avenue/Highway 27).


The building had just recently been built and it housed a bridal shop, but the owners made space available in a couple of rooms in the store for the new antiques shop. Lois and Herman had some collections and other antiques at home that they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep when they sold their house.  They also had many friends who had items they wanted to sell and so they started taking merchandise on consignment.  And once the word of their new venture spread there was always someone coming in and looking to sell them something.  The inventory grew quickly and eventually the bridal shop moved upstairs and Antiques and Collectibles on Broadway expanded into the whole lower level.  Twenty years later, and still going strong, it's one of the oldest continuous businesses on Little Falls' Broadway Avenue! 


For both of the Johanneses the best part of the business is meeting the people.  Lois notes that they now have customers who stop in – people with whom they or their children attended school years ago – and they enjoy getting re-acquainted.  They get many out-of-town, and out-of-state customers from all around the country.  And they keep a “wish list” of items that customers are looking for – and have on occasion shipped an item across the country for folks who are travelling and don’t have room to carry that special purchase along with them.


Lois and Herman invite you to stop into Antiques and Collectibles on Broadway to browse and chat a while.  They are tireless promoters of their community and they are a font of information about places to see and things to do in the area, including the Linden Hill Historical Event Center, the Minnesota Military Museum and Minnesota Veterans Cemetery at nearby Camp Ripley, the Minnesota Fishing Museum, the Pine Grove Zoo, and many other historical and educational sites within a short drive or even walking distance of downtown.



Antiques & Collectibles on Broadway

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