Grandpa's Attic & Gifts - Osakis, MN


Grandpa’s Attic and Gifts

Osakis, MN


Talk about serendipity!


In 2000 Karen and Donald Koopman were looking for a place near a lake to retire to.  Their son and daughter-in-law and twin sons had just moved to Osakis, MN.  Karen’s mother was also living close to Osakis and one weekend, while visiting them, Karen and Donald discovered that a local antiques shop, Grandpa’s Attic and Gifts had come up for sale.  They decided to take the plunge.


It was to be Karen’s business project and she embraced it enthusiastically.  Donald was still working in the Twin Cities, but he would make the two-hour drive on weekends to mow the grass and help move furniture and other items into and around the store.

Grandpa’s Attic and Gifts thrived and grew, and as their (now four) grandsons got old enough they started helping in and around the store learning to wait on customers, move items around the shop, run the till, and count change back to buyers.


Karen has always had a penchant for customer service and as a result there have been many repeat customers to Grandpa’s Attic.  One especially fun story that she tells is from Christmas 2012.  They had been running Grandpa’s Attic for 12 years when, one afternoon, a middle-aged couple who lived in the area came into the store.  They had driven by the store many times and finally decided to stop in.  While browsing the woman found a wedding dress from 1959 that looked exactly like her own wedding dress which had been lost in a fire some years past.  The couple left, but several days later the husband returned and after swearing Karen to secrecy he purchased the dress.  Several weeks passed and one day Karen received a call from the wife asking if she still had the wedding dress.  Crossing her fingers, Karen told her no, that it had been sold several days after they had been in.  She didn’t hear anything more until after Christmas when the woman called again, this time thanking her for the dress.  She told Karen that on Christmas Eve all of her family gathered around and surprised her with the wedding dress. She told Karen that that wedding dress was, “The best Christmas present ever”.


At Grandpa’s Attic and Gifts you’ll find a full line of Antiques & Collectables including garden items, farm primitives, vintage costume jewelry, vintage hats, dolls, tiffany style lamps, as well as a selection of good used furniture, and large selection of signed and numbered Les Kouba prints, both framed and unframed.


Karen and Donald invite you to come to Osakis for a visit.  Grandpa's Attic and Gifts is located on the corner of Nokomis Street and 1st Avenue East, (one block east of Osakis’s historic downtown).  The store is housed in a two-story Victorian style house.  There’s an annex located on the grounds next door.  You can’t miss it!




Grandpa’s Attic and Gifts


210 1st Avenue East

Nokomis St. (Highway 27) & 1st Avenue

Osakis, MN 56360



Open Daily Year-Round

10am - 5pm